Wednesday, December 05, 2012

This is to blogging what time lapse photography is to glaciers!! Surprising how time flies.... 2 years later - I wouldn't change a thing I wrote in my last post.

What new things have I learned??
  • A lot more theology - but none of the basics have changed (Love God, Love your neighbour)
  • Not to put any hopes in organized religion.... can sympathize with Jesus and have similar urges to overturn tables sometimes........ its not the fault of the organization or the religion, people for some strange reason (:-)) want to show off - and there is the root of all that is cancerous..... truly there is a reason pride is the worst of all the sins...
  • To "virally" do and encourage "well doing"..... don't care who or what creed you follow - do good to your fellow man please - because I'm fairly certain thats what your religion tells you to do. After you pass that test, lets debate other issues............. {Psst - pass this on........}
  • Terrorists are cowards - One woman in Burma won against a dictatorship - a million people hiding their faces and throwing bombs don't have the guts she does. Come out in the open and fight for your rights ...the perpetual masking/hiding reveals you for the hoodlums and evil you are. That's not new - but the success of Aung San Suu Kyi is.
More to come...... hopefully quicker than 2 years ...

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